A downloadable "game" for Windows

this is a venti vent game i made in a few days. venti as in it's a short game. i've never been to starbucks. i'd like to thank sleep deprivation and cream cheese bagels for helping(?) with this game. i hope you get something out of it even if that is a distinct and unfounded sense of worry.

arguably this isn't even a game but also Eat my Ass.


  • a lot of clicking
  • bad art
  • Seven (7) different sand digging sounds!
  • A Haiku
  • some heavy shit i guess?


(p.s. there is some violence but it's ok just be warned. it's not super graphic it's just weird idk)

Install instructions

Just unzip and run the exe. Windows may throw a fit over it being an .exe and throw up a warning but you can click More options and tell it to run anyway.


i refuse to sleep.zip 26 MB


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Really neat game! The only thing that threw me was the  part where you needed to use the arrow keys since the rest of the game is primarily controlled with the mouse pointer. Thank you for sharing it and by extension your current experiences. I enjoyed all the sounds you picked out and the visual effects were really cool! I hope you find a way to get some much needed rest soon.