Two lookouts meet in a desert, far from the sight of their gangs. What will become of this fateful meeting?

A short and sweet visual novel about two gay trans masc cowboys finding solace and comfort with each other while on a stakeout. Made for the Gay Western Jam hosted by Robert Yang.

(Post jam update to come!)

Click or press spacebar to progress/show dialogue.

Art and designs: @Coldoggo

Code and writing: @ParanoidHawk

Music: Kevin MacLeod


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my heart ...

i love this sm ;x;

 so sweet


I'm not crying, I just got tumbleweed in my eyes, I swear.


my southern transmasc self teared up a bit at the end, this hit closer to home than i expected

I loved this so much the characters are adorable!

OW! My heart, wow! The writing... the tenderness... I wasn't expecting to feel so many emotions in so little time. There is beauty in the writing of small things, the smell of the desert, the wish for tomorrow to never come. The charming art and writing makes me remember a love I've never had before.

I don't cry from visual novels. But this. For how short it was, it was really close. It was really well done, thank you for creating this.

This story was so well made... the characters and the art style, I had only been playing ten minutes but I cried of happiness. Thankyou for this


i really hope you make more games like this! the art style is amazing and it's simple but effective


Add this to android. Pls.


There will be an android version when the big update comes out!


this brings back memories i never made. i cried 10/10

ahhhhhh you did such a good job on this!!

SO GOOD. Amazing art. Amazing writing. Amazing queers. ahhhhhhh

I love this! The story is so sweet and I love the art!

Absolutely love it. Amazing art, story, and music.

this is so lovely and warm :o) thank you


i'd like to deeply thank the both of you for this game.
it sounds a little wack how a short visual novel about furry cowboys could cause someone to have sort of a mini-epoch, but anyways -- 

i'm a transman myself, and i dunno if it was just how touching and relocatable the story was in reflect to a strikingly similar situation i'm in, but whatever it was, this game got me so riled up emotionally i went on a ramble for well-over-an-hour to my s/o about how close we are to being able to escape and achieve happiness as well and how beautiful everything is. that was the first time i'd felt a sense of self love in 5 months. i literally felt like i was going through egodeath. i appreciate things a lot more since that. just being alive and such. trying to appreciate myself more too. hgfjd sorry to rant on it for 13 hours but i guess this project just hit really close to home and put me in a hopeful mindset that kinda just flustered my previous extremely-pessimistic overall thought process to a point where it basically just crumbled. thank you for that. i hope development on this project continues someday.


gosh thank you so so much for the kind words, i'm so happy it meant that much to you! it's really validating to hear you related to it omg this has made my week, i wish you and your partner the best!!

lovely little story! 

short and cute - I really like it!

this game is so sweet, I feel touched


One of the best games ever. I love everything about it


Touching, freedom has a new meaning to me now, and love has never been sweeter between two nearly identical persons. Keep this up dev, it's amazing

This was super sweet and touching! The art and music worked really well to create a quiet atmosphere that was just lovely to take in for a while, and the protagonists are just so easy to like and root for!


This game is so cute! I love the art, the colours, the cowboys (yeehaw!), and absolutely everything!! I really hope you continue making this game!!

Super cute and nice :)

Great character work. I just want these cowpokes to be happy. :_)


I didn't think I'd like this or where it might go but I was completely surprised by how it warmed my heart. Thank you both for making it!

love the art style and the characters are cute and relatable


I love this art style and these characters, and the writing is so soft, great work!


this was very cute and i love the art style. i enjoyed it a lot :D

I love this game and i love you,,, its so human!!! so nice and soft!!!! 


the artwork is eye catching and the dialogue is very human and sweet. I enjoyed this very much :-] !


everything about this game is so lovely. the dialogue & story are amazing, and lend to the visuals so well!