Two lookouts meet in a desert, far from the sight of their gangs.

With more in common than they could've expected, they scout out a town with rumours of gold.

What will become of this fateful meeting?


Lookouts is a romance visual novel about two gay trans masc outlaws in the old west, finding refuge in each other, and a little hope for a better life.

With roughly 45,000 words of story and a 5-6 hour reading time, it's a much expanded version of the original jam game we made for the Gay Western Jam. The original jam version can be played here!

Controls: Click or press spacebar to progress/show dialogue. The menu bar will show up in the top right hand corner if you tap/mouse over it.

Loading the game in the browser version may take a while depending on your internet connection. If it looks like it isn't loading, don't worry, it is! Just give it a minute or two.

CW for: alcohol, smoking, gun violence (incl. sound effects), gun death, blood, injury, mild transphobia, discussions of racism and settler violence. None of the injuries are described in great detail but there are some visual aids and allusions/light descriptions.


Made with love by:

Col (Art and Character Design) @Coldoggo

Hawky (Programming and Story) @ParanoidHawk

Featuring music by the talented Jamie of @fakegamercomics

If you'd like to get in contact regarding Lookouts, feel free to email us at marbleclaws [at] gmail [dot] com.


If you enjoyed the game and want some extra super cool stuff, consider buying the Gold Edition of Lookouts. If you click the Download Now button, for only £5/$6.50 you get a zip file containing:

  • High quality original versions of all the art from the game
  • Exclusive wallpapers for desktop and mobile
  • The full banging OST
  • A bunch of extra original art of doodles and designs by Col
  • Five mini comics with the characters
  • A development artbook

The Lookouts OST by Jamie can also be bought and listened to individually over here on Bandcamp!

Merch is available now! Go to our store to buy Lookouts stickers, postcards, shirts, or a physical edition of the artbook!

Updated 19 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Release date Apr 01, 2022
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(1,500 total ratings)
Authorsparanoidhawk, coldoggo
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity
TagsFurry, Gay, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Narrative, Queer, Romance, Transgender, Western
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityOne button, Blind friendly


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

Lookouts 64-bit 137 MB
Lookouts 32-bit 135 MB
Lookouts Android v1.2.apk 123 MB
if you pay £5 GBP or more

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I love this game so much!!! I wish I could play it for the first time again. the story was absolutely beautiful.

im sobbing i love them so much

i can't use mouse/touchscreen.

the story isn't readable, and don't know how to advance it.

using the accessibility.

Hi, sorry the game is giving you trouble, I have a couple questions if it's not too much. What features or shortcuts are you expecting to find that are missing? Are you just using keyboard? I can see from your comments on other games you're familiar with renpy accessibility but this isn't a renpy game, what could we add to make it similar? Thanks.


i use keyboard only.

i sadly don't know what type of features or shortcuts would be best.

this is actually my first unity visual novel, and as far as i know, the only blind-friendly one.

why does this have blind-friendly tag?

Hi there, the game has a screen reader function that can be turned on from the settings page or with the shortcut Shift Windows A to turn it on for the web version. The Windows version should also automatically detect if a screen reader is active. We have some things in mind for improving it but if you have any feedback on the accessibility we'll be happy to listen and investigate what we can do better.

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you guys made such an amazing game!! i absolutely love the story and the characters. i would buy the merchandise and gold edition once i earn myself a little more!

the beautiful art style by Col really drew me in while i looked through the catalogue. turns out, this game does not disappoint! while playing this game, i literally fell in love with these characters as they fell for each other. everything was wrapped up together nicely with the soundtrack by Jamie too! all of your talents combined really made this game a good experience. it'll probably take me a little longer to forget this one, maybe not at all.

you guys mentioned how you like to hear about what goes on in our minds while we played. i'm excited to tell you!

some spoilers here:


when i came across the option to stay or run from the showdown i was terrified thinking there's a possibility of Robin or Joseph (OR BOTH) dying, of an ending where they die. i didn't want to choose. even when i know i can just reload the save but just the possibility of them dying in an ending is enough to scare me shitless! somehow i made an option. seeing how it was going into a good direction, i tried the other one. boy, was i relieved to find out they're okay either way.

the scene where Robin was contemplating about what to do from then on, and then had Joseph comfort him, was so sweet! things that were running through Robin's mind, i really felt mirrored an experience of someone i'm close with. so i felt crazy deja vu hearing his thoughts unfurl! his words to Joseph too. i was coming at it from a similar perspective to Joseph's. face the uncertain together and finally get to know each other throughout the journey. ah, there's just a nice feeling when you hear characters resemble you and people you know. it's beautiful how Hawky can translate these emotions into words said by a fictional birb and wolf. crazy

Was this game inspired by Root? It's a really fun and cute board game that my cousin and I like playing. And the animals and style just kind of remond me of it. It's really cute

made an account 2 comment cuz this is so damn good ✌️ i played this cuz i was very bored and it popped up when i was scrolling thru the web games & finished it in an afternoon. was not expecting much at all but this is one of the best VNs ive played in a long long time. the art style is so pleasant & unique and its so well paced & captivating. im not all too good at writing proper reviews but this was just rlly lovely & heartfelt. idk. queer furry art never misses. im gonna go tell my best friend to play it

I made an account just to comment this too. This is genuinely one of the best pieces of media I've consumed in years. The setting is intriguing, the music is beautiful, the writing is a perfect mixture of casual and astoundingly poetic, and the romance is so sweet and well paced. As a trans man myself, I am extremely grateful for the existence of this game/novel because I've never had genuine representation like this before. 

Also if you don't already have a Spanish translation for your game I may be able to help. I'm not a native speaker but I'd love to help in any way I can!

Hello!I'm coming to ask if I can translate your game into Chinese.

It will not be used for commercial purposes.

Just to share your fantastic work with more Chinese people.

I'm looking forward to getting a reply from you whether you permit it or not.PLEASE!

૮(˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶)ა


Hi. Thank you for your interest, but we have a Chinese translation already done at this time.

Oh, sorry...I think I made a mistake. Then,Have a good life!

(borrowing a friend's account just to comment this, I just finished this and don't have one set up yet- just had to comment!) this made me giggle, stay perched on the edge of my seat, wait with bated breath, and hoo boy. just.. I can't understate how much this just hitwith someone who can at least vaguely relate to a lot of the themes and struggles (not the western crime gang part, obviously). This.. felt so much like a true western drama I've known to love, and have come to just adore. wonderful art (great character design and writing), wonderful pacing, a journey beginning to end. I don't know if there's multiple endings but it felt like a well called-for resolution.
as someone questioning, myself, it meant a lot to me to see a story shared like this one where even though on average, one isn't smack dab in the middle of the desert in a gang feud, a lot of the concerns held by the wolf MC- a lot of doubt, a lot of the holding things close to you and anxiety from past experiences that I've seen in myself and those close to me who felt comfortable enough to share- it really felt like a dip into the perspective and gave some ease to a lot of these feelings I'm still resolving that at least I'm not quite so alone. I rarely get the chance to check out neat story games like this- this was a real treat. Kudos to the team, hope all is well and continues to go so and that your journeys and journeys you get to create to share (should you do so) continue to positively impact others as I feel it has me. Thanks.

Finally playing a couple of the games from last years bundles, I am so happy this was a part of it. I was quite moved by the story and the surprised that kept appearing. I only glanced though the artbook, will definetly read through it the next days. Really like to read the different path, but for now I have to take in the path I chose and think about it a day or two till I can get to read the rest.





Found this game a year or so ago when it was still new, today I finally came back to play it again. I'm very happy that I found this game again. 


Oh my gosh, they were lookouts




What a touching, suspenseful, relatable, and enjoyable game this is! The wonderful artwork and music truly accentuated the gripping story, but none got in the way of the other; all the gears meshed cleanly and the end result was fantastic. I'd be lying if I said I didn't get misty-eyed on more than one occasion.

I played the "full" version before trying out the "jam" version, and I must say the amount of love and dedication that went into building the latter into the former is nothing less than astounding. That from such a small seed would sprout such an expansive, fun, and touching story... dunno what to say other than "Thank you kindly, pardner." <3


gay cowboys gay cowboys gay cowboys gay cowboys


I finished this game in a day, admittedly avoiding the coursework I was researching it for. It's beautiful. Everything about it is so obviously loved and developed. The story was captivating, I've never felt more emotion over a game before and the characters are just darling. In the short time we see them we really get to know them, who they are. I genuinely cannot praise this game any higher and I wish I could play it for the first time again.


I hope to see more games like this someday. The way the story was put together along with the details were just mind blowing. I'm very glad I found this!!  



Absolutely lovely game. I haven't played many visual novels before, but the artstyle looked interesting so I decided to give it a shot. The art, writing, and score all come together into a heartfelt & genuine experience that I'll definitely keep coming back to. If you're reading the comments first to decide if you should try it (like I did)- please give this game a try. You're in for a great time <3

love this story so dearly

ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1000/10!!!!


simply amazing. the art style, the music, the characters. loved the whole experience.



The music was an absolute bop and paired so well with the art style and the COLORS i loved it so much. mwah

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im amazed. 10/10 experience.

Wow. I am super impressed. You guys really outdid yourself on this game! I am amazed at how well the story was, and how good the art was! It was a truly awesome game, and I am absolutely astonished!

It's dope and I can make my own report about this visual novel :)



My exact feeling!


That was real nice, thank you. I have some kind of.... mental aversion to visual novels like this. I want to enjoy them, and I often do! But there's a fear I have of breaking open something internally. In my soul there's a big wad of scar tissue. A permanent scab. As mentally healthy as I am I refuse to break it open. I deathly fear developing the internal softness required to be the person I want to be.
This leads me to feel constantly guarded around these types of experiences. I can't quite fully relax. I abstract it away by treating it like a puzzle. I flex the tactician and resource managements parts of my brain to avoid just... enjoying the art.

This is my own battle. But your game is real good! Cute gay cowboys :3


I made an account just to comment on this game, and I know that the likelihood of any of you ever seeing this is slim to none but this game genuinely affected me on a personal level. I don't know how or why but it just did. I don't have any money right now to donate but if I could I would give it to this game solely because of how much this silly dinky story of two gay gang members genuinely fucked me up in the emotions. It's probably because I've struggled a lot in life with sexuality and my own personal identity, and usually I tend to just avoid games like these because they make me think too much about it. I don't know, I just finished the game like less than an hour ago but just, WOW man. I hope anyone who sees this comment is doing well and I hope that the people who contributed to this game go far in life, remember to be true to yourselves everyone, I know I'm gonna start being truer to myself now. (Also now that I'm reading through the other comments, it feels good to see I'm not the only one this game affected dude. .) ~With much love Bongy


Read this in about 3 hours, this might be one of the greatest VN's I've ever read. 
I'm just at a loss, characters, world building, everything- I LOVEDDD it. 

Nothing makes me happier than gay cowboys. Fantastic job you guys. <3


god this is the cutest visual novel i have ever had the pleasure of experiencing

i literally just made this account to comment on this because it genuinely got to me.

This visual novel is wonderful, the way its written, the artstyle, the music, EVERYTHING, the characters all feel so real and the love between them is really genuine, the feeling of not fitting in is also very good represented, and as a fellow transfem it all felt way too close to home, NEVER in my life i thought i would cry to a visual novel, but the way this is written, its all so relatable and it hits like a dumptruck, you guys made a masterpiece, thank you for making such an amazing game.

Trans rights everyone!!

played on a recommendation from a friend

they were right to suggest it, that was beautiful

(1 edit)

I absolutely loved this visual novel! Everything about it was so amazing and lovely and warm. I bought the gold edition and loved the extras so much, I am very happy to support you guys <3

One of the best visual novels i've read, love love love the storytelling and the characters so muchh 

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