Two Week Patch + Big Thank You!

Howdy! Fashionably late as we like to be, here's a post marking two weeks since Lookouts released! We've released the 1.1 patch on itchio now, and this post contains the patch notes further down.

First though we'd like to say a HUGE thank you!! The response since we released has been so gratifying and amazing, and we're so happy so many people have enjoyed and been touched by the game enough to reach out to us. We've had so many lovely comments and ratings we can't express enough what those mean to us. For some stats, we had over a thousand views on launch day! In the past two weeks we've had very nearly 10,000 views(!!), with over 1000 downloads and nearly 4000 browser plays! Needless to say this has been very cool and humbling and we're extremely grateful to everyone who's played the game.

Now, onto the patch:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any saves made on previous versions of the game will be deleted for compatibility reasons, it's advised you make use of the fast forward button in the menu bar if you wish to return to where you were in the story. Additionally for Android users, the package name has been changed, so it is advised if you have Lookouts on your phone already you clear its data and uninstall before installing this new version. Thank you, and sorry for any inconvenience!

Lookouts version 1.1 patch notes

  • Fixed some rare crashes and softlocks
  • Fixed some issues with fast forwarding to be more reliable
  • Fixed an issue with saves being automatically deleted if the computer was in a language that used decimal commas instead of decimal points (sorry to those affected by that!)
  • Made saves take more info into account to fix some scenarios where loading wasn't accurate
  • Fixed an issue when loading a save for a choice screen (oops)
  • Fixed the menu bar not showing up if the escape key shortcut was used
  • Updated fonts to include more characters
  • Fixed background effects sometimes not disappearing correctly or lingering for too long
  • Enabled links on the end credits text
  • Added a new sprite for the player and a new CG
  • Fixed some typos
  • Huh. It's Easter, isn't it?

We're still hard at work on the development artbook and the extra minicomics for the Gold Edition, so look out for those in the coming weeks too!

<3 Col and Hawky


Lookouts 32-bit 70 MB
Apr 16, 2022
Lookouts 64-bit 73 MB
Apr 16, 2022
Lookouts Android v1.1.apk 53 MB
Apr 16, 2022

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I love easter eggs...

This is gonna be a long playthrough huh?


easter eggs??